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Army General available on Steam

Army General is now available on Steam. Click the logo on the right to get to the shop.



Army General announced for Q2/2017

Army General will be released in Q2 of 2017. Get a first impression on the product page:



Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 updates to 1.06

A new single mission, dust effects for vehicles,new equipment for Hungary, reworked GUI and more features & fixes  are available in the free update to version 1.06. No previous updates are needed - the download can be found on the product page .



Phobetor announces Army General

Phobetor is officially announcing the new game Army General. Get a first impression on the product page and order front-news to stay up-to-date with its development. The product page is located here:



Phobetor NewsPhobetor and DMP announce partnership

Phobetor and the modding plattform DMP announce their partnership to further improve customer support and the qualitity of future releases. A video celebrating this occasion can be seen here.