Klomanager - Regurgitated announced

A new version of the classic "Toilet Tycoon" is currently our main focus in developmet. You can get a small impression on your new product page .



Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 updates to 1.08

New single missions expand the total number of scenarios in the game to 100. 20 new equipments for nine nations, new GUI features & fixes is what the free update to version 1.08 offers. No previous updates are needed - the download can be found on the product page .



Army General updated to v1.02

Army General was updated to 1.02 on Steam introducing American units and officers to the battlefield among other things.



Army General available on Steam

Army General is now available on Steam. Click the logo on the right to get to the shop.



Army General announced for Q2/2017

Army General will be released in Q2 of 2017. Get a first impression on the product page: www.army-general.de